The Competitive Edge

The level of commitment and diversity of experience within G³ Sports enables maximum results and innovative development of solutions, providing athletes with a distinct competitive edge in the area of career management.  With a thorough understanding of the sports industry, SDI markets services under a banner of integration that strategically incorporates all three divisions of the company: Training, Marketing, and Professional Development.

The G³ Sports' business model was designed to offer an array of specialized services, all of which are specifically tailored to the individual needs of the client.  Our unique business concept allows SDI to coalesce the resources essential to creating a comprehensive plan for each client.  As a result, our business associates enjoy a professional peace of mind unparalleled in this era of false advertising and overpriced, ineffective programs. 

Recruiting Consultation 

SDI Premier Elite    Performance Program

The transition from middle school to high school and high school to college is a difficult process for all young people who seek the benefits of higher education.  This transition is even more challenging for student athletes faced with the demands of budgeting their time to ensure both academic and athletic success.  SDI's Premiere Elite Performance Program is designed to prepare high school level athletes in advance, for the rigorous academic, social, and athletic schedules that await them at the next level. 

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Staff Assurances

SDI's instructional staff of coaches and trainers has extensive experience, with a minimum of 4 years in their respective discipline.  At least one on-site instructor is certified in CPR/First Aid; and all are trained in Child Guidance, Child Abuse Prevention/Identification/Reporting, and Working with Parents of Children in Sports Activities.  All have on file, updated background checks (which will be provided to the client upon request) and meet all standard youth program health and illegal drug guidelines.

Simply put, all instructors, coaches, and consultants employed by S.D.I. are experts in their individual fields, and dedicated to sharing their knowledge with the young adults of today, who will evolve into the leaders of tomorrow. 

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